7 para rha
7 para rha - The airborne gunners
The Airborne Gunners deploy alongside the Parachute Regiment; These elite soldiers are trained to parachute into battle with their guns. 7 Para RHA the Army's only parachute light gun regiment, the Airborne Gunners primary role is to provide artillery support to 16 Air Assault Brigade.  This demands a high level of training, agility and readiness to deploy on operations.  7 Para RHA are organised into Fire Support Teams (FSTs) to find the enemy and the gun batteries provide the firepower for the strike.  7 Para RHA FSTs use portable gps-lasers, thermal and night vision sights, once the FST has identified the enemy location, the gun batteries provide the punch where needed across the battlefield.  Guns, mortars, attack helicopters and fast jets are all coordinated by the FST to deliver a devastating strike.  7 Para RHA have recently served in both Afghanistan and Iraq.