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Ben’s Challenge took place at Doncaster Lakeside on Sunday 11th April 2010.  Seven team entered Ben’s Challenge: Doncaster Knights Rugby Club, South Yorkshire Police Service, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, Mcauley Canoe Clue, Green Star Canoe Club and Sheffield Canoe Club.  The day was a huge success.  Ben would like to thank each of the teams for entering, everyone that came along on the day, all of those that donated and those that helped behind the scenes to make the day a huge success.

Ben’s Challenge was won by the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service - Well done!

Ben’s 1st Challenge.

Ben’s 1st challenge
Where: Doncaster Lakeside
When: Sunday 11th April 2010
Aim: To raise money for Service Charities.
Target: £25, met!!!
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